Blog Post # 7, August 1st, 2022

Been Too Busy to Write…Just want to thank the Young’uns!

The infrequency of these posts would lead one to think there is not much to say on the topic of Saving Ourselves.  Of course, it’s quite the contrary.  There is just too much to say, too much to do, so many ways to be constructively engaged, that writing about our situation seems secondary; an academic exercise that we don’t really have time for.  And so months go by.

In 2022, I have been sustained by watching the valiant efforts of so many African American journalists, community activists, politicians and others who are waging war on our behalf.  I am so proud and so very inspired by the young’uns who are really stepping up to promote what is in the interest of all people: truth, justice, fairness, honesty, accountability and so forth.  They are fighting against the Big Lie, against a system that would have us feel we are imagining our persecution, the violence, the inequalities and the absent opportunities.  I am so grateful to your youthful energy, brilliance and passion!  I am so very proud of you:  Joy Reid, Elie Mystal, Stacey Adams, Fani Willis…

God bless you all!

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